What is the ASK55?

Have you ever considered making a 60% out of that glorious Alps board you salvaged but realised that the caps won't fit? Look no further.

The ASK55 will offer direct support for 14.5u Alps layouts including the M0116, M0118, M0330, Apple IIc/IIc Plus, NeXT AAE/ABP (non-ADB) and Mac Portable.

With one universal QMK-compatible PCB, a choice of plates and a choice of an optional case top, the ASK55 will reinvent the 14.5u layout.

Update: 19th Sept 2018

The M0116 and Mac Portable plates are complete and accurate.

M0118, M0330 and both NeXT (non-ADB) plates have been drafted and require testing.

Work will shortly commence on the Apple IIc/IIc Plus plates.

Yiancar will be developing a QMK-compatible PCB to accommodate the above layouts, once all of the plates are proof tested. Each layout has been drafted in Keyboard Layout Editor but requires additional fine-tuning in order to truly reflect switch spacing.

Unfortunately, Jake is not currently working on the ASK55 case. As such, Alas will be putting his touch on the design.

Stay tuned.